How do I order a new certificate?

For California Drivers Ed, Ohio Drivers Ed ONLY

I lost my certificate. How do I get a new one?

If your certificate has been mailed out, you’ll need to order a new one for $10. You have the option to add on expedited shipping at an additional cost.

We mail out certificates for these courses:

  • California Drivers Ed
  • Ohio Drivers Ed*

*For Ohio students, we mail out two certificates: the Certificate of Enrollment and the Certificate of Completion. Each costs $10. Your total would be $20 if you lost both certificates.

If you are in Texas Parent Taught Drivers EdTexas Instructor Taught Drivers EdTexas Adult Drivers Ed, or Texas Defensive Driving, please check your email for any emails from Aceable. Your certificate could be hanging out in your inbox, trash, junk, or spam folders. If you need your certificate sent again, log into your Aceable account where you’ll be able to view it from your home screen (feature not yet available for Texas Instructor Taught students). You can download the certificate from your account. Texas Instructor Taught students will need to contact our Customer Experience Heroes to have the certificate sent to their email again. If you completed Texas Defensive Driving before 11/9/18 and were originally mailed a copy of your certificate, please visit this article to order a new certificate.

If you are an Illinois Adult Drivers Ed student, please check your email for any emails from (the Secretary of State emails the certificate, not Aceable). If you need it sent again, contact the Secretary of State office at 847-981-7455.


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There is a mistake or error on my certificate. How do I get a new certificate?

When we print certificates, the information comes directly from your profile. We print it exactly as it appears in your profile. We state in your profile and in the course that you must provide your legal information since it will be printed on your certificate. After filling out the profile, you are asked to confirm all the information is correct before continuing.

If you do not contact us about a mistake in your profile before we print your certificate, unfortunately, you must order a new certificate for $10. If you need expedited shipping for the new certificate, you will need to purchase it at that time.

If the mistake is on our end, contact our Customer Experience Heroes and we’ll mail out a new certificate free of charge!

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We are closing our support on July 3rd and July 4th to allow our support team to spend time with their families during these unprecedented times. We will resume our normal support hours on July 5th. Certificates will also not ship on July 3rd or July 4th. Certificates will resume processing on July 6th.