Indiana Defensive Driving

Who can take this course?


Anyone can take this Driver Safety Program for an insurance discount or to proactively reduce points on their driver record and avoid a license suspension.


You are required to take this Driver Improvement Program by the BMV if you are over 21 and:

  • Have been convicted of 2 or more traffic offenses with 12 months OR
  • Your license is at risk of suspension OR
  • A court requires you to complete a Driver Safety Program as an alternative to suspension of driving privileges. (You will receive a notification through the mail saying a DSP course must be taken)


You are required by the BMV to complete this Driver Safety Program if you’re under 21 and:

  • Convicted of 2 or more traffic offenses OR
  • Involved in 2 or more accidents OR
  • Involved in 1 or more traffic accident  and have 1 or more traffic offense


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