Getting Your Permit

What do I need to bring to the DMV to get my permit?

You can get a permit as soon as you are 15 1/2 years old. You’ll need to bring: 

  • An original and completed DL 44 (Driver License Application) with your Parents’ Or Guardians’ Signatures (if you are older than 18, you do not need their signature). You can fill out the DL 44 online or you can get one at your local DMV Office.
  • Your social security number (you aren’t required to bring your social security card but you will need to know your social security number)
  • An original or certified copy of a document verifying your birth date and legal presence (US birth certificate, US passport, permanent or temporary resident card, etc.). Click Here for a list of acceptable documents.
  • Two (2) proofs of California residency (rental or lease agreement, deed or title to residential property, mortgage bill, utility bills, school documents, medical documents, employment documents, etc.). Click Here for a full list of acceptable documents. The address on the residency documents must match the residency address on the DL-44 application. Photocopies are acceptable.
    • Parents, legal guardians, or children can use a birth certificate and spouses or domestic partners can use a marriage license or domestic partner registration certificate to trace their relationship to the individual named in the two acceptable residency documents.
  • $35 application fee. This fee is good for three exams within the 12-month period and pays for both your permit and driver license. If you don’t obtain your license within the 12-month period you must go through the application process again.
  • Certificate of Completion of Driver Education (under 18 ONLY; we mail this to you when you complete your Aceable course)

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