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How do I view my student’s test scores?

If you are logging into your parent account on the web, click on Test Scores on the home screen.

You’ll then see a list of the tests your student has taken and the scores they made.

If you are logging into your parent account in the app, you’ll see two circles. Tap on the circle on the right.

You’ll then see your student’s scorecard, which calculates an overall grade your student is making in the course. It displays a cumulative average of your student’s results as he answers questions throughout the level, and a graphical representation of how your student performs comparatively among levels. Aceable’s Student Scorecard gives you the all-seeing eye and really lets parents hone in on what their students have difficulties with.

Each point on the graph represents a level, and clicking the yellow marker shows a summary of Missed Questions for that specific level. You can click on the Missed Question for more detail and to see how your student answered.

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