Getting Your License

There is a long wait at my DPS for my Road Test. Can I take it somewhere else?

Long wait times to take the Road Test at your local DPS? Looking to spend as little time at the DPS as possible? Aceable is here to help by connecting you to one of our vetted partner schools for your Texas Behind the Wheel Driving Test!


Here’s how it works:

  1. Ensure that you meet the eligibility requirements before purchasing (check them out below!)
  2. Purchase your Texas Behind the Wheel Driving Test for our current sale price!
  3. Within 3-5 days of your purchase, we will send you an email with your driving school match. All you have to do is schedule the test in person or over the phone at your convenience!

You can purchase the driving test ahead of time and your purchase will never expire. Before you schedule your test, however, make sure that you are eligible! You must meet the following requirements:


Eligibility Requirements for Students 18 and Older:

  • Complete your Aceable Drivers Ed course (6 hours) and receive the Certificate of Completion
  • Complete the 1-hour IMPACT Young Drivers Course
  • Obtain your permit from any Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) location


Eligibility Requirements for Students Under 18:

  • Be at least 16 years old
  • Hold a permit for at least 6 months
  • Complete your Aceable Drivers Ed course (32 hours) and receive the Certificate of Completion
  • Complete 7 hours of driving practice and 7 hours of behind-the-wheel observation
  • Complete the 30-hour driving log
  • Complete the 2-hour IMPACT Teen Drivers Course

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COVID-19 UPDATE: MAILED CERTIFICATE PROCESSING RESUMING 5/26 - The Aceable certificate Fulfillment Team has been abiding by the shelter in place order in Houston.  As of 5/26/20, our Certificate Team is no longer under Shelter-in-Place orders, and has been able to safely return to the office and resume certificate processing. There may still be delays as the team works through the backlog of certificates. We appreciate your patience and understanding during this difficult time. For all Coronavirus Impact Updates, please click here.