I have purchased but it’s still asking me to pay.

The number one reason that this generally happens is when you purchase under a different email than the account it needs to be under. Contact our Customer Experience Heroes to get this fixed.

Sometimes, that might not be the reason, but either way, let us know and we’ll help you get this all sorted out.

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COVID-19 UPDATE: MAILED CERTIFICATE PROCESSING RESUMING 5/26 - The Aceable certificate Fulfillment Team has been abiding by the shelter in place order in Houston.  As of 5/26/20, our Certificate Team is no longer under Shelter-in-Place orders, and has been able to safely return to the office and resume certificate processing. There may still be delays as the team works through the backlog of certificates. We appreciate your patience and understanding during this difficult time. For all Coronavirus Impact Updates, please click here.