Oklahoma Drivers Ed

Is there anything I need before getting started?

Ages 15-16

You’ll need to download the Parent Taught Drivers Ed Packet for free from the Oklahoma DPS, and fill out + mail in the included Parent Taught Drivers Education Affidavit to the OK DPS. This is a state requirement that you need to download this packet, complete, and submit the Affidavit before enrolling with Aceable. You must have received the approved PTDE Affidavit back from the DPS with a DPS Control Number in order to begin. This Control Number will be required in your Aceable profile in order to begin the course. If you’ve got that approved Affidavit back with your DPS control number, click here to get started today!

Before sending in the Affidavit, you need to check the state’s parent instructor eligibility requirements. Your Affidavit will be denied if any of the parent instructors listed do not meet these requirements.

Here are the state’s eligibility requirements to be a parent instructor:

  • Parent is the biological parent, adoptive parent, parent by marriage, or legal guardian (court appointed) of the student.
      • Aunts, cousins, grandparents, etc. can’t serve as instructor unless they have legal/court paperwork showing they’re a legal guardian.
  • Must have a valid driver license, which must be in their possession at all times while performing behind-the-wheel instruction.
  • Must not have had their driving privilege & driving license suspended, canceled, revoked, or denied within the past twelve months.
  • Must not have been convicted of possession or use of alcohol or drugs within past twelve months
  • Must not have had administrative action for driving under the influence/while impaired (we can we provide official legal language/statute numbers around this)
  • Must not reflect more than 5 point violations on their driving record.

Ages 16 +

Nothing is required in order to begin the course. Simply click here to get started today!


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