Oklahoma Drivers Ed

How do I get my permit?

For Ages 15 ½ – 16:

You can get your permit when you meet all of the following requirements:

  • You are at least 15 ½  years old.
  • You are enrolled in high school or vocational school, and have demonstrated reading proficiency. (click here to see a list of acceptable documentation from your school)
  • You have an eligible parent instructor.
  • You have downloaded the Parent Taught Drivers Education (PTDE) Packet (available for free here)
  • You have submitted the Parent Taught Drivers Education Affidavit (found in the PTDE Packet) by mail to the DPS, and received the affidavit back with an approval from the DPS to complete Parent Taught Drivers Ed. This must have been done before starting with Aceable. Click here if you need to make changes to your approved affidavit.
  • You have registered with Aceable Oklahoma Parent Taught Drivers Ed and received your purchase receipt. This purchase receipt is required at the DPS when applying for a permit. 
  • You have passed your Vision and Written exams at the Driver License Examiner.

For Ages 16 – 18:

You can get your permit without enrolling in drivers education or submitting the PTDE affidavit. You’ll just need to pass the written and vision exams at the Driver License Examiner, then head to the Tag Agency to get your permit.

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