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What if I do not have a Social Security Number (SSN) to put in my profile?

Not a problem at all! We will be able to file your information using your Alien or Non-Alien Registration Number.

To fill out your profile, please put down 5 zeroes in place of the last 5 digits of SSN that we need. You’ll need to provide us with your full Alien or Non-Alien Registration Number by contacting our Customer Experience Heroes

What is the difference between an Alien and Non-Alien Registration Number?

Alien Registration Number 

  • You have one if you are applying for citizenship or permanent residency in the United States
  • You DO NOT have one if you are a temporary visitor (here for business, tourism, or school, etc)
  • Can be found on a Permanent Resident Card (green card), Employment Authorization Card (work permit), or immigrant visa
  • Written in the format 000-000-000 (9 numbers in groups of 3 separated by hyphens/dashes)
  • It is the number listed under USCIS# on your card

Example of an Alien Registration Number on a Permanent Resident Card (green card).

Example of an Alien Registration Number on an Employment Authorization Permit.

Example of an Alien Registration Number on an Immigrant Visa.


Non-Alien Registration Number (I-94 / Admission Number / A-Number)

  • You are a nonimmigrant, which is a temporary visitor here for business, tourism, school, etc. 
  • This number is your I-94 Number (Admission Number) – not sure what it is? Find your I-94 number here.
  • Please note that as of May 2019, the format of this number has changed. The second to last digit has been replaced with a letter.

Example of your I-94 Record Number or Admission Number

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