Florida TLSAE

I made a mistake and my certificate has already been filed with DMV. How do I get an updated certificate?

Our system automatically files your information with the DMV exactly as you entered it in your profile. Aceable does not edit profile information in any way.

To make these corrections, you will need to purchase a duplicate certificate for $10.

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COVID-19 UPDATE: MAILED CERTIFICATE PROCESSING RESUMING 5/26 - The Aceable certificate Fulfillment Team has been abiding by the shelter in place order in Houston.  As of 5/26/20, our Certificate Team is no longer under Shelter-in-Place orders, and has been able to safely return to the office and resume certificate processing. There may still be delays as the team works through the backlog of certificates. We appreciate your patience and understanding during this difficult time. For all Coronavirus Impact Updates, please click here.