Texas Parent Taught Drivers Ed (PTDE)

What do I do if I lost my certificate?

Simply log back into your Aceable account and click “View Certificate” from the home screen! This allows you to download the certificate and print it out.

NOTE: If clicking on “View Certificate” does not work, it either means that your certificate hasn’t been generated OR your certificate was previously mailed before we started emailing certificates. If your certificate was mailed initially and you need a new copy, contact us for an emailed certificate.

You can also search for the email in your inbox, spam, junk, or trash. The sender of the email is support@aceable.com and the subject line says “Your Certificate and next steps”.

Emailed certificates are only available for the following courses:

  • Texas Parent Taught Drivers Ed
  • Texas Instructor Taught Drivers Ed
  • Texas Adult Drivers Ed
  • Nevada Drivers Ed
  • Pennsylvania Drivers Ed


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COVID-19 UPDATE: MAILED CERTIFICATE PROCESSING SHUT DOWN UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE: The Aceable certificate Fulfillment Team is doing our part and will be abiding by the shelter in place order in Houston. Effective March 24 2020, we have shut down our certificate processing center. We will resume mailing certificates as soon as the Houston order is lifted. We appreciate your patience and understanding during this difficult time. For all Coronavirus Impact Updates, please click here.