Texas Adult Drivers Ed

How do I get my license?

After you receive your Certificate of Completion from Aceable, you can schedule your driving exam at your local DPS or with a local driving school that offers the test.

Taking your driving test with DPS

The DPS can book up very quickly, especially during high-volume seasons like the summer and during spring break. You should schedule your driving exam as far in advance as possible.

At the DPS, you’ll need to present your documents and come prepared to ace your vision and driving exams.

Taking your driving test with a driving school

Only a handful of driving schools are approved in the state of Texas to offer the DPS driving test. You can find those schools here.

Since DPS has recently approved some schools to offer the driving test to adults (previously, it was only for teens), please call the school to ask if they are approved to offer the test for adults yet. All of the schools on the list are approved to offer the test for teens, but all have to go through an approval process to offer the test to adults. Therefore, not every school on that list may be approved yet!

If you want to take your test with the driving school, they will charge a fee for that service (usually $50-100).

After passing your test with the driving school, they will give you a slip of paper that contains your passing result. You will bring that slip to DPS along with all of your other required items and apply for your driver license.



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