Texas Parent Taught Drivers Ed (PTDE)

What is the license checklist?

The license checklist is a feature we have on the main screen of your account. It is interactive – there are some steps that you’ll check off as you go through the process and there are some steps that we’ll check off for you as you work on our course. If you ever wonder what your next step is, the license checklist will tell you! Each step has a “More Info” button that lets you read more details about each step.

Home screen

Getting a license is a complicated process. We’ve been hard at work making it easier by simply telling you on the home screen what you should be doing next.


The License Checklist

All the steps left to get your license are on the License Checklist. You can see that handy next step highlighted here too, get more information on any step you want, and see what other steps there are to do before you can finally get that sweet sweet license.


Check off steps as you go

When you complete a step, make sure to check it off! It will help you track progress, and, well, it just feels good. Watch that progress bar go! You can check off steps from the License Checklist, or by opening up the ‘More Info’ window.



Automatic steps

There are a few steps in your License Checklist where you’ll see instead of a checkbox. These steps are checked off automatically by Aceable as you complete parts of the course.


Only focus on what you have to.

On the license checklist you’ll notice some steps are “Locked.” Don’t sweat these steps right now, they’ll unlock when you’re ready to complete them. Just remember to check off the steps that are done, so that we know how you’re doing, and we can unlock the right steps at the right time!

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