Getting Your Permit

How do I get a junior permit/license?

If you are over 14 and under 18, you may apply for a Junior Permit (also known as a Junior License) if one of the following circumstances exists:

  • If a family member who usually drives you is ill and taking a bus (or other transportation) isn’t an option. You’ll need your application signed by your family member’s doctor, stating what the illness is and approximately when the family member is likely to recover and be able to drive again.
  • If getting to school and school activities via bus or other means is inadequate. You’ll need your school principal to sign your application, verifying the facts. You will only be able to drive from your home to school and back.
  • If you work and getting to and from work via bus is inadequate, AND your income is essential in the support of your family. Your employer will have to sign your application and verify the distance between your home and work, and the distance from your employment to public transportation.
  • If you work for your family in a family business enterprise and it’s essential that you drive, then you’ll need your parents to write and sign a statement saying this on your application.

It’s not easy getting approval from the DMV for a Junior Permit/License, as they will want you to explain why carpools, taxis, bicycles, or walking won’t work for you.

Within six months of being issued a Junior Permit, you will also have to show that you have completed your drivers education (online with Aceable) and your behind-the-wheel driver’s training (the six hours of professional instruction) or your Junior Permit will be cancelled.

Your Junior Permit will be valid for six months, or until it’s no longer necessary for you to drive a vehicle. If you move to another address, your Junior Permit may no longer be valid, so check on this. If you’ve violated any of the provisions, then your Junior Permit will be cancelled or revoked.

The application for a Junior Permit (Form DL 120) can be filled out online and printed before you take it in person to a DMV office. Click here for the application.

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