Texas Parent Taught Drivers Ed (PTDE)

What happens if I don’t have an eligible parent instructor?

Unfortunately, you cannot take Parent Taught Drivers Ed without an eligible parent instructor.

First things first: have you gone to the DPS yet?

If you have not gone to the DPS yetcontact Aceable and let us know so that we can inform you of your next steps.

If you have already gone to the DPS, follow these steps.

  1. Check if you have someone else to be your eligible instructor.
    • If you have someone else who can be your eligible instructor, move on to step 2! The state of Texas requires that you order a new PTDE packet ($20) and to restart the course (we do not charge you for that).
    • If you do not have anyone to be your instructor, we can transfer you over to the Instructor Taught Drivers Ed course, which doesn’t require a parent instructor. Instead, this option requires that you receive your behind-the-wheel instruction hours at a driving school of your choice. Contact our Customer Experience Heroes to switch to that course free of charge.
  2. Order a new Parent Taught Drivers Ed Program Guide Packet.
    • You will need to order a new packet for $20 with your new instructor’s information.
    • We know it’s really frustrating that you have to purchase the program guide packet again and we wish you didn’t have to! Any concerns about this requirement can be directed to TDLR by calling them at 800-803-9202.
  3. Download your new packet.
    • As soon as you make the payment, there is a link to download the new program guide packet on the purchase confirmation page. The same link is also provided in the receipt that TDLR emails you.
    • You can also put your information on this page to download the program guide.
    • When searching for this info, simply enter in an instructor email. If none of the emails you try work, you can enter a receipt number and the date you ordered the program guide. That information is found on page 1 of your program guide.
  4. After you order the program guide packet again, contact our Customer Experience Heroes in order to have your course reset.
  5. Once we reply, simply log back in to your Aceable student account. You can start Level 1 and continue with the process just like the first time around.

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