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How do I try the course for free on the website?

We know, Aceable sounds too good to be true – you’ve found a drivers ed or defensive driving course that makes it easy for you to get your license or dismiss your speeding ticket. Maybe you’re a parent. We know you want the very best for your student, so some of our courses come with a free trial so you and your student can check out the content and layout of our program. We know we’re the best program out there, but ultimately, you’re the final judge!

We offer free trials for the following courses:

  • Texas Parent Taught Drivers Ed
    • You can complete the first 6 hours of the course for free (Level 1 out of 12 levels). However, before beginning any coursework, the state of Texas requires that you order the Parent Taught Drivers Ed Program Guide from the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation for $20. This is a registration fee with the state for taking parent taught drivers ed. Read more about the program guide here.
  • California Drivers Ed
    • You can complete the first 4 levels for free (levels 1-4 out of 10 levels). Since this course follows California’s requirements, you can start the course as soon as you sign up. There is nothing that you have to do before signing up to begin the course.


Steps to Setting Up a Free Trial (Website)

Step 1. Head over to our sign in page to create an account:

Step 2. On the website, click “Create Account”.

Web Create Account

Step 3. Put down your email address, password, first name, the course you’re taking, and whether you are a student or parent.

Remember, only Texas Parent Taught Drivers Ed and California Drivers Ed offer free trials. “Student” means you are the one taking the course. “Parent” means you are the parent of a student taking an Aceable course.

Web Create Account 2

Step 4. Click on “Create Account”. Woop woop, you’ve done it!

Step 5. Click on “Try The Course” to get started.

Note: the picture below shows how it looks for Texas Parent Taught Drivers Ed. The “License Checklist” feature only exists for this course. You can read more about how that feature works here.

If you are taking Texas Parent Taught Drivers Ed, it is NOT recommended that you start without ordering your Parent Taught Drivers Ed Program Guide for $20. It is a state requirement that you order the program guide BEFORE starting on ANY coursework. We explain how to do that here.

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