Taking the Course

Does the program expire?

You’ve got 6 months to finish our course within purchasing! If you’re unable to finish the course within 6 months due to a special circumstance (e.g., major illness or family tragedy that kept you out of school) that prevents you from doing so, let us know and we’ll review your case for a possible extension.

Once the 6-month mark has hit, your account will be locked. Contact our Customer Experience Heroes in order to have your account reset at no extra cost!

Additional info:
Per Ohio Administrative Code Rule 4501-7-09 A(8), All training as required in this rule and rule 4501-7-10 of the Administrative Code, provided by the enterprise shall be made available to, and completed by, the student within six months of the first date of training, unless mitigating circumstances occur. Mitigating circumstances include health and family issues that disrupt the student’s ability to receive training. Mitigating circumstances do not include the inability to schedule training due to parent or student elective or extra-curricular activities, such as sports and school clubs. Mitigating circumstances shall be documented in the student’s record. Requests for special circumstances not listed to be considered as “mitigating” shall be requested through the department. If no mitigating circumstances are approved, training will be voided and the student shall re-take the training.
If your course has expired and you believe you have a qualifying, well-documented exception, please reach out to our Customer Experience team so that we can assist you further.

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