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Exciting Updates to our App and Website!

Some pretty incredible, pretty major changes have come to our iOS and Android apps, as well as our website, and we can’t wait for you to upgrade and experience them for yourself! Here’s a handy introduction to everything you need to know to have a better experience learning with Aceable:

Navigating the App:

When you first sign in, you’ll be greeted with the brand new dashboard, designed with ease of navigation and place-orientation in mind. With one scan of the dashboard, you’ll be able to immediately understand where you are in the course and how much is left to complete + access any resources, help, or certificates with one quick tap. Below is a description of each element of the redesigned dashboard:

You have two ways to get an overview of the full course content: swipe through the level cards to see each level individually highlighted, or click on Course Overview to see the upcoming levels as a list, like the traditional Table of Contents.

How do I access Practice Tests, 360 Videos, or other resources for my course? 

Depending on your course, you may have different resources to help you learn how to drive: 

I have a question about how the process works, or I’m having an issue with my account – how can I get help? Guess what! Our help center lives conveniently in the Help tab. It automatically opens to the FAQ most relevant to your course, but you can also use the search bar to access the full help center directly in the app.

How do I sign out, access/edit my profile information, or refer my friends to Aceable? Great questions! You can now find the sign out and referral buttons in your Profile tab, in addition to your account information. Need to update your profile after your initial set up? Chat with us in the Help pane and we’ll be happy to get that updated for you! 

I’m taking a course that has emailed certificates. Can I access my certificate in the app?

Yes! For courses with emailed certificates, once you complete your course, simply click the little certificate icon at the top of your dashboard. You’ll see any electronic certificates you’ve earned pop out from the right, ready to view and download! **If you JUST finished your course, it may take up to 24 hours to see your certificate appear here. 

Navigating the Website:

We couldn’t let our app have all the fun! You’ll also see some exciting changes if you’re completing the course on a computer, you’ll notice that the dashboard has a different look and feel. To learn how to navigate through your course, check out the screenshots below.

When I log in, how do I resume my course?

Where can I find student tools?

How do I log out of the course?

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