Texas Defensive Driving

What if my deadline is tomorrow?

You better hurry! Here are your options:

  1. Complete your course ASAP! As long as you finish 24 hours before your court deadline, you will be able to immediately download your certificate from your email or dashboard.
  2. Contact your court immediately to ask for an extension – your chance of success is much greater if you have already finished your course and are just waiting for your certificate to arrive.
  3. Pay the ticket in full.

Some courts offer a grace period to receive documents as long as you completed Aceable on or before the 90-day deadline set by your court. Most court websites don’t mention it, but it never hurts to call.

If you completed Texas Defensive Driving before 11/9/18, were originally mailed a copy of your certificate and need to purchase a new one, please visit this article.

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