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How do I create a student account on the website?

Here’s how to create a student account if:

  • You have never purchased the course
  • Your parent purchased a course without putting down a student email

NOTE: if you purchased on our website and put down a student email, your student account was created as part of the purchase process.

Step 1. Head over to our sign in page to create an account:

Step 2. On the website, click “Create Account”.

Web Create Account

Step 3. Put down your email address, password, first name, the course you’re taking, and that you are a student.

“Student” means you are the one taking the course. “Parent” means you are the parent of a student taking an Aceable course.

Web Create Account 2

Step 4. Click on “Create Account”. Woop woop, you’ve done it!

NOTE: If you need to link a student account with a parent account, STOP HERE and continue on to this page which shows you how to link your accounts together.

Step 5. Click on “Try The Course” to get a look at how we present the course to you.

Note: the picture below shows how it looks for Texas Parent Taught Drivers Ed. The “License Checklist” feature only exists for this course. You can read more about how that feature works here.

If you are taking Texas Parent Taught Drivers Ed, it is NOT recommended that you start without ordering your Parent Taught Drivers Ed Program Guide for $20. It is a state requirement that you order the program guide BEFORE starting on ANY coursework. We explain how to do that here.

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