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Want to get your Arkansas driver license? Aceable’s Arkansas Permit Test Prep can help you ace the permit exam. This drivers ed course will teach you the rules of the road whenever and wherever you want. You’ll get 20 levels of interactive lessons and unlimited practice tests designed to prepare you for the Arkansas written knowledge exam.

Important: Drivers ed is NOT a requirement for getting an Arkansas license. Aceable’s Arkansas Permit Test Prep is a mobile study aid. It’s the perfect course for busy adults and a great study tool for teens.

  1. Take a vision test and written knowledge test at your local Driver Services office to get your Instruction Permit. You’ll need to bring an original or certified copy of your U.S. birth certificate, a second form of ID, an application signed by your parent, and a school attendance and grade average form. Find examples of acceptable documents here.
  2. Carry your Instruction Permit while you get behind-the-wheel practice with your parent or other licensed adult who is 21 or older.
  3. Once you’ve kept a clean driving record for six months, you may take your driving skills test to get a Learner’s License. This is a restricted license for drivers between 14 and 16 years old. Remember to bring your own registered and insured vehicle for the test.
  4. At the age of 16, your Learner License will expire and you can apply for your Intermediate Driver License. This allows you to drive without supervision as long as you follow certain restrictions.
  5. When you turn 18, you can get a regular Class D License with full driving privileges. Congrats!
  1. Pass a vision test and knowledge test at your local Driver Services office. Bring proof of your legal presence in the U.S. and one of the following: current Arkansas photo ID card, two primary identification documents, or one primary and one secondary document. Find examples of acceptable documents here. You’ll also have to pay a $20 license fee to the state.
  2. Pass your road test. You’ll need to bring your own registered and insured vehicle for the test.
  3. Receive your Class D Driver License. Freedom!

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