Texas Adult Drivers Ed

What if I’m 25 or older?

If you are 25 years old or older, you’re allowed to take the written test at the DPS without showing proof of adult drivers ed. However, you can still take Aceable’s Texas Adult Drivers Ed course – we won’t stop you! There are two big advantages to taking Aceable:

  1. You don’t have to take the written test at the DPS. Instead, you can take it in our course without the fear of failing. There aren’t any limits on how many times you can take the written test with us, and you don’t pay any additional fees for taking it multiple times.
  2. Taking Aceable will prepare you with the knowledge you need to pass the driving exam at the DPS.

You can also take Aceable’s Texas Adult Drivers Ed course if:

  • You’re an adult with an out-of-state license but the DPS is requiring you to take a drivers ed course before you can get your Texas license.
  • Your license has expired and the DPS won’t renew it without proof that you’ve taken a drivers ed course.

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