I can’t find my court name. (LA County)

What is an LEA code?

LEA stands for Law Enforcement Agency and only courts in LA County file with this code. If your ticket was received in LA County, then you will need to enter this code to ensure that your course completion is filed with the correct court.

Where do I find it?

Look for a section on your citation or courtesy notice titled LEA or Law Enforcement Agency, next to which you will find a four digit code. This is the LEA code.

To see how the LEA code may appear on your citation or courtesy notice. please click this link.

Still not seeing it?
Don’t worry! Go to the LA county website and look up your citation using your Driver License Number and Date of Birth.

When your citation pulls up, there will be a red box. In the right section of the red box, you will see that it says Law Enforcement Agency.

How do I enter it in my student profile?

Once you find your LEA code, go to your Aceable profile. For "County" choose "Los Angeles", then in the box to the right that reads “Type to Search Court”, enter the LEA code and select the court that appears in the dropdown menu.

If you looked up the name of the Law Enforcement Agency in the LA county website, then you will enter the full name in the field that reads "Type to Search Court" when filling out your profile. The court should appear in the dropdown menu.

What if it still isn't working?

Please call us at 925-270-1380 and we will make sure you are taken care of.

We are happy to help!

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