Behind The Wheel

Can I drive alone with a permit?

No. Absolutely not! When you have your permit, you are only allowed to drive if there is a licensed adult 21 years old or older with you in the car. There are no restrictions on what hours you may drive during the day or night, but you must be accompanied by a parent or guardian during the late hours of the night.

How many behind-the-wheel hours do I need?

The state requires that you do 44 hours of behind-the-wheel instruction and practice. The behind-the-wheel hours are divided as follows:

You must do 14 hours of behind-the-wheel instruction with a professional driving instructor.

If you want to complete these 14 hours of behind-the-wheel instruction with a parent instructor, click here for directions on the steps you’ll need to take.

You must also do 30 hours of behind-the-wheel practice with any licensed adult 21 years old or older (10 of these hours must be done at night). You can use this 30-hour log to keep track of these hours. You do not need to present any logs to DPS.

If you want a guide to completing the 30 hours of behind-the-wheel practice, you can use the 30-Hour Behind-the-Wheel Guide from the state of Texas here.

Where can I find a driving school?

Selecting the driving school where you’ll do behind-the-wheel instruction is a huge decision, and it’s important that you do your research beforehand. We suggest doing a quick Google search, such as “driving school + your zip code or city“.

Some things you should keep in mind are:

Cost – 14 hours of instruction at a state-approved driving school could cost anywhere from $200 to upwards of $400.

Location – How far is the driving school from where you live and go to school? How convenient is it for you to get to and from the driving school? How will you get there?

Schedule – Available instruction hours at driving schools vary and certain seasons are busier than others (such as summer). Does the class schedule work for you and your parents?

Reviews and ratings – What have other people said about the driving school you’re looking at? If the school has consistently received positive reviews and high ratings, maybe it’s a good idea to consider taking lessons there. Bad reviews from previous students and parents may mean you should continue your search.

How do I know what to do for my 30 hours outside of driving school?

If you want a guide to completing the 30 hours of behind-the-wheel practice, you can use the 30-Hour Behind-the-Wheel Guide from the state of Texas here.

Do I need to complete Aceable first before doing my driving hours?

Yes, the Aceable Instructor Taught Drivers Ed program is completed under the “block” method, meaning that you will complete all 32 classroom instruction hours with us before getting your permit. After you get your permit, you can begin your lessons at the driving school you chose and practice with an adult outside of your driving school lessons.

Do I have to do my 14 hours with the driving school before my 30 hours with an adult?

No, you are not required to complete those hours in a certain order. You can do your 30 hours with any licensed driver above the age of 21 with at least 1 year of experience before starting your 14 hours with your driving school. Currently, there is no state requirement in place that specifies this!

What should I know for the driving test?

Click here for tips on preparing for your driving exam.

What if I want to do all of my driving hours with my parent?

If you want to do your driving hours with a parent instead of at a driving school, watch the video below. We’ll guide you through the steps to make this happen.

NOTE: We now E-MAIL certificates! We no longer mail them out, so expect them in your inbox. We are in the process of updating this video.

Here are the steps in more detail:

  1. Make sure your parent is eligible as an instructor to teach under the parent taught drivers ed program. The state’s eligibility requirements are listed here.
  2. Finish your Aceable course.
  3. Contact Aceable once you’re done and let us know the name and address of your parent instructor AND if they are eligible. You can email us here. We’ll issue you a certificate that transfers you to the parent instructor for the behind-the-wheel instruction hours. You’ll be able to access your Parent Taught account the day after we mail your certificate out.
  4. Order the Parent Taught Drivers Ed (PTDE) packet from the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR) online for $20 here.
  5. Wait for your certificate to come in your email inbox. Print out your certificates and use the portion labeled “For Learner License Only” to get your permit. Set the other certificate to the side for when you go to get your license. We also include a checklist that tells you your next steps as well as what to bring to the DPS. You will only follow what is on pages 3-6 which are about transferring from Instructor Taught to Parent Taught. Don’t bring any parent taught stuff with you – it’s not needed until you go get your license.
  6. Once you have received the PTDE Packet, get started on the 14 hours of behind-the-wheel instruction with your student. You’ll list these hours in the “In-Car Observation & Behind-the-Wheel Instruction Log“. These hours cannot be back-dated. Aceable has created the Driving Manager (located in the menu bar of your Parent Taught course), which is a great tool that can help you complete the 14 hours of behind-the-wheel instruction with your parent instructor.
  7. When you have completed the 14 hours of behind-the-wheel instruction with your parent instructor, contact Aceable and we will email you a Parent Taught Certificate of Completion. Print it out and set it aside.
  8. You’ll also need to complete 30 hours of behind-the-wheel practice and list these hours in the “Behind-the-Wheel Practice Log“. You can complete these 30 hours with any adult who is at least 21 years old or older, has had a valid Texas license, and at least one year of driving experience. You can use the 30 Hour Guide from the state here to help you complete these 30 hours of behind-the-wheel practice. These hours can be back-dated to before switching over to parent taught.
  9. When you’re done with the 30 hours of behind-the-wheel practice in Step #8, mark the Completion Date on the Certificate of Completion that we emailed to you in Step #7.
  10. The last thing you need to do before you can get your license is take the Impact Texas Teen Drivers Program. It’s a free 2-hour video course provided through the DPS. This needs to be done no more than 90 days before going to the DPS for your driving test. Click here to read more about ITTD and to register.
  11. Woohoo! Now go get your license.

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