Getting Started

Is there anything I need before getting started?

Yes! You need to first request permission from your court to take defensive driving. Why? If the court hasn’t granted you permission and given you a deadline, your defensive driving course is considered invalid if you complete it. We are not permitted to change the date on your certificate. You would have to retake the course and purchase it again.

Once you have paid all necessary court fees and received a new deadline from the court to turn in your defensive driving certificate, you can sign up and work on our course.

Who can take this course?

You need to take a defensive driving/driver safety course

  • To take care of a traffic citation aka ticket.
  • For an insurance discount.
  • To meet a work or school requirement.

If you’re taking it to dismiss a ticket, you also need to meet the following requirements:

  • You have a valid license or permit.
  • You haven’t taken defensive driving in the past 12 months.
  • You don’t have a commercial driver license (CDL)
  • You weren’t charged with any serious driving violations, such as:
    • Reckless driving
    • Overtaking a school bus loading or unloading
    • Speeding 25 miles or more over the speed limit
    • Failure to exchange information and render aid at the scene of an accident
    • Violations in construction zones when workers are present
    • Failure to maintain financial responsibility

Is Aceable’s Texas Defensive Driving program state-approved?

Yes, we are approved by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation as course provider CP262.

You can find us on their website here.

What does Aceable’s Texas Defensive Driving program include?

  • Aceable is all about convenience. You can log into your account on our website or by downloading the free Aceable Defensive Driving app for iOS and Android devices. You can switch between devices anytime and anywhere you want.
  • Aceable includes 6 hours of engaging and entertaining content written in an easy way for you to understand. Your course will include text, videos, pictures, memes, and pop-up questions galore! You won’t just be reading for 6 hours straight.
  • Aceable will mail you a Certificate of Completion that you can present to your court, insurance company, work, or school.
  • Aceable’s Customer Experience Heroes are available every day of the week to help answer your questions. You can reach us by phone, email, and live chat.


How do I retake the course?

If you have failed your level exam three times OR you have taken defensive driving with us in the past, you will need to contact our Customer Experience Heroes in order to have your account reset.

We currently do not have an automated way for you to retake and repurchase the course – our Customer Experience Heroes are the only ones capable of setting up your account to do this again.

Are there any additional fees?

Yes, but these fees are mostly optional:

  • Optional fees:
    • Expedited shipping ($10 to $55)
    • Driver record ($25)
  • Mandatory fees for certain situations:
    • Misplaced or incorrect certificate ($10 not including expedited shipping)
    • Resetting your course due to course failure ($25)

As far as the mandatory fees, we hate having to charge for those situations, however it is a state regulation that we have to follow. We wouldn’t do this if it wasn’t a requirement.

How do I sign up from the website?

Step 1. Head to our checkout page.

Step 2. Select the course you plan to purchase.

NOTE: Drivers Ed is for those trying to get their driver license. Defensive Driving or Traffic School is for those who already have a driver license and are simply trying to dismiss or mask a ticket OR want an insurance discount.

Step 3. Select your payment option. 

You can choose between credit card and PayPal. If you have a debit card, select “credit card” and it will work just fine.

Step 4. Enter your payment information.

For credit/debit cards, you’ll be asked to enter your card information. For PayPal, a pop-up window will open and ask you to sign into PayPal.

Step 5a. Enter the first name and email address for the person taking the course.

We refer to people taking our course as “students”. It doesn’t matter how old you are – you’re a “student” taking our course.

Step 5b. (Optional) Click on “Wait, I’m a parent” if you want to create a parent account.

At this point, you can enter your parent email address. Learn more about parent accounts.

Step 6. Click “Complete Purchase”.

Doing this will create an account for any emails you put down.

Step 7. Set your password.

If you only put down a student email, you will be asked to put down a password for the student account you signed up for.

If you put both a student and parent email, we will ask you to put down a password for the PARENT account. The STUDENT will receive an email at the STUDENT’S email address with a link to set up their password.

How do I sign up from the app?

Purchasing Aceable in the app is very easy. You can buy directly through the App Store or Google Play Store OR follow the steps below.

Step 1. Download our app on to your phone or tablet! Tap on either the App Store or Google Play Store buttons for the course you need to download it to your device:

Aceable Drivers Ed

Aceable Drivers Ed

Aceable Defensive Driving

Aceable Defensive Driving

Aceable Drivers Ed iOS App Store download
Aceable Drivers Ed iOS App Store download
Aceable Google Play Store download
Aceable Google Play Store download

Step 2. Once you’re in the app, tap on “Get Started” at the bottom.

App Create Account

Step 3. Put in your first name, the email address you are using for the account, and a password.

If you make a mistake, tap on “Back” in the upper left hand corner to go back and change what you put in or what you selected.

App Create Account Info

Step 4. Select the state that you are trying to get a license in.

We offer official drivers ed courses in these states: California, Florida, Illinois, Ohio, and Texas.

Surprisingly, most states in the US do not allow online drivers ed. If you’d like to change that, contact your state legislators!

In the meantime, if we don’t offer drivers ed in your state, we offer free unofficial study guides (aka “permit test prep”)!

App Select Course

Step 5. Select your course. If you selected “Texas”, we offer three courses, so make sure to swipe right to see all three choices.

App Select Course

Step 6. Select “I will be taking it” to create a student account. If you select “My child will be taking it”, this creates a parent account and access to parent tools. Parent accounts are always free, so if you want the free trial, you’ll want to set up a student account.

App Parent or Student

Step 7. This step is optional and only shows up if you press “I will be taking it” in Step 6! We always want our parents to be involved in their students’ drivers ed process. After all, your parents are the one taking you to the DMV or DPS to apply for your permit and driver license. If you want to let your parents know that you’re ready to start drivers ed, fill out the form with your parent’s information. Press “Skip” in the upper right corner if you don’t want to do this step.

If you selected “My child will be taking it” in Step 6, move forward to Step 8.

App Ask For Parent Info

Step 8. Tap on “Buy Now”. Once you do that, you’ll sign in to your iTunes or Google Play account. It will automatically charge you and allow you to move on into the course! The screenshot below is for student accounts. Parent accounts will see a different screen, but there is still a “Buy Now” button for you to tap.

If you’re on an iOS device, you can purchase with the credit or debit card linked to your iTunes account. You can also use an iTunes gift card (the amount on the gift card must be equal to or greater than the cost of the course, including sales tax).

If you’re on an Android device, you can purchase with the credit or debit card linked to your Google Play Store account. You can also use a Google Play gift card (the amount on the gift card must be equal to or greater than the cost of the course, including sales tax).

If you’re having trouble making a purchase, contact us here. We’re happy to help you out and get you started on a course!

App Buy or Unlock

*Disclaimer: prices in screenshots are subject to change.

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