How soon can I get my certificate?

Once you finish the course, here’s what you should expect:

  1. Your certificate will be mailed out on the same day you finish as long as you select your shipping preference by 1pm CST Monday through Friday or by 11am CST Saturday. If you place your order after those times, your certificate will be mailed out the following business day, excluding Sundays and national holidays observed by USPS and FedEx.
  2. On the day we mail out your certificate, you will receive an email from us by 5:30pm CST stating that your certificate has been mailed out. If you ordered expedited shipping, your tracking number will be included in that email.
  3. The day that we mail out your certificate is not considered the first business day. It is simply picked up by USPS or FedEx, scanned, and departs Austin. For example, if we mailed your certificate on Monday and you requested 2nd Day Shipping, your certificate will arrive by Wednesday.


The course comes with free standard shipping via the US Postal Service (USPS), and certificates sent out using this option should arrive within 5-12 business days. Certificates are sent out of our Austin, TX headquarters, so the closer you are to Austin the faster you’ll receive your certificate.

If you want to upgrade to an expedited shipping option, you can purchase that option on the web or app once you reach the very end of the course. Here are the prices:


Standard Shipping USPS Within 5-12 business days Free
3rd Day Shipping USPS Within 3 business days $10
2nd Day Shipping USPS Within 2 business days $35
Overnight (M-F) FedEx Next business day (Monday thru Friday) by 10:30am (most places), 5pm (remote places) $45
Overnight (Saturdays) FedEx Saturday by 4:30pm (Friday orders only) $55
Same-Day (Austin only, M-F) Dropoff Same day (Monday thru Friday only) $35
Same Day (Austin only, Saturday) Dropoff Same day (Saturday only) $55


Can you mail the certificate to the court?

No, by state requirement, it has to be mailed to you. The certificate has to be signed by you in order for it to be valid.

Can you email or fax the certificate to me?

No, by state requirement, we cannot email or fax the certificate to you or the court.

Can I pick up my certificate from your office?

No, by state requirement, the certificate has to be mailed or delivered by a third-party provider. Weird rule, but it’s something we have to abide by – no exceptions!

The best option we offer is Same Day Delivery within the Austin area only (we do not deliver to any surrounding cities).

What if my deadline is tomorrow?

You better hurry! Here are your options:

  1. Contact your court immediately to ask for an extension – your chance of success is much greater if you have already finished your course and are just waiting for your certificate to arrive.
  2. Pay the ticket in full.

Some courts offer a grace period to receive documents as long as you completed Aceable on or before the 90-day deadline set by your court. Most court websites don’t mention it, but it never hurts to call.

Our certificate cut-off times are 1 PM Central Time Monday through Friday and 11 AM on Saturdays. You have to finish the course by that time and select Next Day Shipping ($45) or setup Same Day Delivery (Austin city limits only)  in order for us to get you your certificate tomorrow. Another thing to keep in mind, deliveries do not happen on Sundays.

I lost my certificate or made a mistake. Can I get a new certificate?

If you need another copy of your certificate, you can easily order one from Aceable for only $10 here. You can add on expedited shipping to your order if you need it. If you’re having trouble making your purchase, please contact us.

I can’t find my court name.

How to Select Your Court:

  1. Select “Ticket Dismissal” for your “Reason for taking the course”.
  2. Select the county that your court is located in. Use this link to figure out the county of your court by typing in your court’s address.
  3. Type in the correct court name listed on your ticket. Example: if your court is “City of San Antonio Municipal Court”, simply type in “San Antonio” and you should see “San Antonio Municipal Court” on the list. If your court is “Harris County Justice of the Peace Precinct 5 Place 2”, you want to type in “Harris County JP Precinct 5 Place 2” to see that option.

Example 1:

If your court name is “Austin Municipal Court”, you would first select the ticket issued county, i.e. Travis County. Then, select the ticket issued court, i.e. Austin Municipal Court. Yes, Austin is NOT located in Austin County. Austin County is located outside of Houston.

Example 2:

If your court name is “Harris County Justice Of the Peace – Precinct 3, Place 1”, you would first select the ticket issued county, i.e. Harris County. Then, select the ticket issued court, i.e. Harris County JP, Precinct 3 Place 1.

If you still can’t find your court name in the options provided in the Student Profile, please contact us here before finishing your course and we’d be happy to help you out.

Can I order my Driver Record from Aceable?

If you’re required to submit a driver record to your court, you can purchase one from Aceable at the very end of the course on the web or in the app. The record will cost $25 and will be mailed to you with your Certificate of Completion.

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