Am I getting a certificate in the mail?

No, we only email certificates. These certificates are 100% valid. Once you get your certificate in your email, all you have to do is print it out and take it to DPS along with other required documents. The DPS will accept your printed certificate.

You do not need to wait for anything to come in the mail because we do not mail any certificates at all.

When will I get my Certificate of Completion?

Aceable will email your Adult Drivers Ed Certificate of Completion (ADE-1317) to you within one hour of your course completion. You’ll need to print out the certificate and present a paper copy to the DPS when you test for your license. The email will also contain a checklist of the other items you must bring to the DPS, as well as a Letter of Approval (print this out to show to the DPS clerk).

Does my Certificate of Completion expire?

There isn’t an expiration date on your Aceable certificate. Technically, however, your written test score is only good for two years. This means you should head to the DPS with your certificate and test for your license within two years of your certificate’s issue date.

Another thing: your certificate for the Impact Texas Young Drivers program (ITYD) expires after 90 days. If you’ve had that certificate for longer than 90 days, you need to sign back into the ITYD website and take their 1-hour course again to get a new certificate.


What do I do if I lost my certificate?

Simply log back into your Aceable account and click “View Certificate” from the home screen! This allows you to download the certificate and print it out.

NOTE: If clicking on “View Certificate” does not work, it either means that your certificate hasn’t been generated OR your certificate was previously mailed before we started emailing certificates. If your certificate was mailed initially and you need a new copy, contact us for an emailed certificate.

You can also search for the email in your inbox, spam, junk, or trash. The sender of the email is support@aceable.com and the subject line says “Your Certificate and next steps”.

Emailed certificates are only available for the following courses:

  • Texas Parent Taught Drivers Ed
  • Texas Instructor Taught Drivers Ed
  • Texas Adult Drivers Ed
  • Nevada Drivers Ed
  • Pennsylvania Drivers Ed


Is my certificate a permit?

No, it is not. It is just proof that you completed the Adult Drivers Ed course and passed the DPS written test. You would need to use the certificate at DPS to get a permit or a license.

With a permit and a license, you are legally allowed to drive on the road. You cannot drive alone with a permit though – your front passenger must be a licensed adult 21 years or older.

What’s the certificate for then?

  • 18-24 year olds: this certificate is required for you to get your license since you are required to complete a 6-hour adult driver education course.
  • 25 and older: while this is not a state requirement for you to take this class, since the certificate proves that you’ve passed the DPS written test, you can show that to DPS and avoid taking the written test at their office.

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